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about colleen

artist in collingswood, nj

Born and raised in New Jersey, my passion for art was sparked thanks to the guidance and positive feedback from my various school art teachers and the support of my family. Starting as a closet artist (literally), I sketched cartoon characters on my bedroom closet walls and eventually a desire grew to try many different mediums from oil painting to sculpture. After receiving my degree in fine arts, a my love for art in acrylics and pastels was born. In these mediums, I find the capability to transform real life photos into bright, memory-evoking pieces of art.

Colleen is also an avid traveler, a remarkable baker, and a proud mother of her daughter and three cats.

find my art

Coming soon! Find my art in New Jeresy and surrounding areas in small local shops, craft fairs, and farmers markets.

Follow me for updates on this news (and more)!

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